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    Posted on June 26, 2012 by Lola Kristiani in Health & Beauty.

    Perfume has been around since the time of Ancient Egyptians.  Perfume is a personal way to communicate one’s sensuality and attractiveness. It is an integral part of one’s personality as much as one’s type of skin, voice or smile. A special touch of fragrance can make an unforgettable impression on others.  After years of searching, you have finally found your perfect signature scent. And you probably spent quite a lot for it too, but whenever you wear it, it’s gone within a few hours. There are few tips to help you make your perfume last longer on your skin:

    • If your perfume doesn’t seem to last long as long as it should, you may want to consider layering your fragrance in order to maximize its longevity. First, you start with a shower gel, a lotion, a powder, and then fragrance. It may sound expensive to purchase all of these different forms of fragrance, but you really only need two or three of them to successfully layer your chosen scent. You’ll also be able to use less perfume, which is the most expensive of the fragrance options, which can save you money in the long run.
    • Another way to make perfume scents last longer is to apply lotion before applying your perfume.  One reason why scents evaporate quickly is because of dry skin. Moisturize your skin well before spraying perfume.
    • Spray it on the pulse points. The pulse points are located at the temples, the base of the throat, between the breasts, the wrists, and the bend of the elbow. Pulse points that you have to pay more attention are at the back of the knees and the ankles. Since scent travels upward, these scent locations are very important. And most people skip these pulse points when applying perfume. Don’t apply behind your ears – instead, go for the jaw line, close to the ear. There are certain glands behind the ears that will interact with the smell of your perfume.
    • Avoid dabbing your wrists together after spritzing on perfume, which can alter the chemical structure of the fragrance, causing it to not develop properly.
    • Misting the hair with fragrance is a great way to leave a gentle scent in your wake, as you move through your day. Those who you choose to get closer to be will also be rewarded with a fuller scent. Be careful only to apply perfume to freshly washed hair, or the natural oils (and any lingering hair products) will affect the odor. Since perfume contains alcohol and can be drying to your strands, apply sparingly and from a distance. A spray or two from 8 inches away will do.
    • Don’t Overdo It With Perfume. The old trick of walking through a mist does work, but avoid applying directly on clothing as it can stain and also doesn’t diffuse the scent as nicely as the natural oils on your skin.
    • If you have dry skin or are headed out to a special evening, you can always carry a small travel size bottle with you as you may have to reapply.
    • Heat makes scents stronger, so it’s appropriate to change your scent with the seasons; choose lighter scents in warm weather months and deeper or richer scents in the cold weather months.
    • Store your fragrance in the box, if possible, away from windows and heat to prevent it from going rancid. Keeping it in a cool, dry area will make the fragrance do what it’s supposed to do — make you smell nice.

     That was easy, right? Remember your perfume can influence your mood. Do it right, and stay happy all day… 

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