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    Posted on November 26, 2012 by Lola Kristiani in Health & Beauty.


    Are you guilty of an overly cluttered handbag? I know mine was usually filled with randomness which included lots of brochures, dozens of lip glosses, pens and other stuff floating around in it which I had to dig in order to find what I was looking for. My purse is a bottomless pit of mess and papers.

    Are you prepared for anything life might throw your way? Me? YES!!!! Admittedly I carry a very large handbag, but that is because I like to be prepared at all times. It’s huge, which means I lose everything in the bottom of it. Ok It was messy, but  hey life is full of little unexpected annoyances. Little things that in the blink of an eye or the turn of a head actually end up ruining your whole day, or your date, or your business meeting => that’s always become my first alibi when somebody asked why I have so much stuff in my handbag, ha…ha…

    We all know that a woman’s purse is her full loaded of weapon that help her take on the world, but there are things you need in your handbag that probably aren’t in there. For women on-the-go, it’s normal to leave items behind or forget essential things that you will need at some point.

    A handbag is something that you carry along everywhere you go. You carry several things in your handbag which you think you may need at any time.

    These are the list of essential items you must carry, no matter where you go:

    1. Mobile Phone => do I really need to explain this part?

    Well, smart phone now is complete with camera, games, mp3 player, etc… So you know, it’s your best buddy, make sure it is in your handbag everyday.

    2. Chargers.

    Since your mobile phone is your best buddy, make sure you have the chargers with you to reload the battery. Trust me you will scream if you walking around with an empty battery. Also for your other gadgets you want it to be on whenever you need it right?

    3. A Pack of Tissue & Wet Tissue => for your hygiene and beauty routines.

    Is your eyeliner falling over your face or is your lipstick smudged? Do you need to wipe your hands somewhere after a meal or just dab the sweat off your brow? Sniffing, wiping your nose on your sleeve? yew!!! A tissue paper and wet tissue will come in handy when you are out.

    4. An Address Book.

    It’s not until your cell phone gets soaking wet that you realize just how much you depend on that contact list. The days of memorizing phone numbers is gone . We can just assign a speed dial number to a person and forget it. Well at least until the list is gone. So keep a copy of important numbers on actual paper. That way, when you do soak your phone or it gets lost or stolen at least you’ll still be able to call someone you need.

    5. Hand Cream.

    Very often, while traveling, the skin on your hand tends to dry up. If you want to keep your hands soft and supple, make sure that you carry a good hand cream in your handbag, or just in case you bump into your crush.

    6. Tampons or Woman Pads.

    Does this even require an explanation? Every girl must make sure that she carries some tampons along while she’s traveling. Even if you are not expecting your periods, it never hurts to be safe.

     7. Wallet => to carry your ID, Credit Card, and Money for sure.
    Make sure that you carry some kind of your identity proof in your wallet. It can be your passport, your driver’s license or any other proof of your identity.

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