• Weekend is Not Being Lazy!

    Posted on April 20, 2012 by Lola Kristiani in Activities.

    We all tend to relax on weekends, but loosening our grips on a healthy lifestyle, even just for the weekend, can sabotage our efforts to reach health and fitness goals. You may think, “So I eat a little more on Saturday night, I’ll exercise that off on Sunday.” Sunday arrives, yet you find excuses not to exercise. Weekend should be a time of restoring and replenishing your body and mind in a healthy way. Take the time this weekend to pamper your body in the right way. Below  are some tips for your weekend:

    1.Sleep Normalsleep is just as important to your health as exercise and a balanced diet. If you think can make up for lost sleep during the week by sleeping more on the weekends, think again. Although this sleeping pattern will help relieve part of a sleep debt, it will not completely make up for the lack of sleep. Furthermore, sleeping later on the weekends can affect your sleep-wake cycle so that it is much harder to go to sleep at the right time on Sunday nights and get up early on Monday mornings.

    2.Drink Juice; you have enough alcohol already from the weekdays, this weekend you should drink more natural and healthy juice. Fresh juice provides us with minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins and much more. All of these factors are vital to maintaining good health. You will find that when you make fresh juice a daily part of your diet, you will have increased energy, a glowing complexion, strengthened immune system, stronger bones and a reduced risk of disease.

    3.Make Your Own Salad; Eating a high-fiber diet can help lower cholesterol levels and prevent constipation. If you are meat lovers, give a little break for your body this weekend to relax, eat vegies. Making your own salad and dressing can be fun experience. Eat smart and stay healthy.

     4.Go Green; It’s no secret that gardening has many benefits besides being able to enjoy high quality, fresh produce. Among these benefits is increased mental and physical health. Gardening can actually be a nice, low impact work out.

     5. Me Time; Do whatever you want to reduce your stress. Go to spa to have body massage it’s good to reduce your weekdays tense, or karaoke with bunch of friends, outdoor sports, anything you like. Being outside and leave your TV.

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