• Watch Soccer = Bonding?

    Posted on June 10, 2012 by Lola Kristiani in Activities.

    Does your loved ones really love the sport while you’re not? If you keep getting invited to sports parties, but can’t bring yourself to deal with the obnoxious enthusiasm so many sports fans tend to exude, there’s still hope.

    For example soccer seems to be a dividing line between men and women. It isn’t across the board, because not all men love it and not all women hate it. If it does come between you and your boyfriend, you can learn to watch soccer you can even start to enjoy it. It’s doable either way. Chances are, you just haven’t figured out how to enjoy it. Follow these tips, and join in the festivities:

    1. When you can’t focus on the game itself, focus on the cute bulging football players in tight pants.
    2. Ask intelligent questions. Knowing the way the game works will help you get into it.
    3. Don’t count calories when you watch a game. Continue to snack smart, but cave in and have a hot dog with your boyfriend.
    4. Invite both of your friends over to watch soccer, basketball, football, or whatever. Give your boyfriend a warning that your girlfriends are coming, and make sure your girls know that it won’t be a gossip-fest.
    5. Last plan, make sure you bring all your fully charged gadgets with you. Enjoy your own world, LOL!!!!

    You can make “soccer watching” as a bonding activity, filled with talking, laughing, and cheering. Everyone is welcome.

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