• Stay Gorgeous on Holiday

    Posted on May 11, 2012 by Lola Kristiani in Rest & Relax.

    When you’re on holiday you often forget to taking care of your skin. Most of us will say “leave it till the holiday finished” in the end I know lot’s of you will be regret because you’ll found new pimples on your face, sunburned skin, and dry hair problem. For sunburned skin, medium is juicy, but well-done is rough to eat, just like the steak.

    At least you have to remember the basic treatment to keep your skin moisture. If you’re staying in hotel there will be toiletries provided for you, but if you can bring your own daily toiletries that suitable to your skin, then you’ll have no problem that your skin will turn to dry, or have allergic to the new products from the hotel.

    Other than toiletries don’t forget to bring face wash, face moisturizer, sunblock, and after sun soothing. Sometimes our skin react to the different climate. Always wash your face after being outside all day, no matter how tired you are, don’t wait till the morning come. Even if you’re not wearing heavy make up, or not wearing make up at all, but all sweat and the pollution out there can clog your pores and that’s the time for pimples to grow happily on your face.

    Remember prevention is always better than regret in the end. Love your skin and stay gorgeous. Have fun….

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