• Sing Away Your Stress

    Posted on April 17, 2012 by Ace in Activities.

    Sometimes reducing stress comes from the most unusual places. It turns out that singing is wonderful therapy. Exercising your lungs dramatically reduces stress. One of the great things about singing is how many different places you can do it. You can sing in the shower, you can sing in the car or you can sing in karaoke place.

    A karaoke music party is a great moment of life to spend their time with your close friends. It’s a fair chance to play greatest music and dancing with your beloved.

    Karaoke with friends can make a person healthy and happy, this is because when someone is singing, they tend to breathe deeply and slowly, very good for nervous system conditions.

    Aside from providing full-scale music entertainment, karaoke singing gives several benefits that you may not notice. Below are some great benefits of karaoke:

    1. Karaoke singing helps release endorphins from our body. These “good hormones” makes us feel good and happy. When you feel good, your stress level decreases automatically. Endorphins help reduce stress and anxiety.
    2. Bonding moment with your loved ones becomes deeper and stronger while having fun. Singing can build your confidence. When you have dared to share the sounds and music, will be easier to overcome fear and nervous.
    3. Karaoke is a great way to express your feelings and emotions. If you can’t say it, you can convey it by singing a song.
    4. When singing you use the whole body to breathe with more ease. Abdominal muscles are more relaxed allowing the body to breathe more active and healthy. When you use the whole body to breathe, the volume of oxygen flowing throughout the body will get bigger. The cells are fed oxygen body function better and create new energy for the owner.
    5. Singing makes you at least have to read the lyrics and follow. This method is good to stimulate the brain regions involved with memory, learning and concentration.

    So, no matter what your age, don’t be shy and show your talent in singing. Remember, you don’t have to be a good singer in order to get singing to your hearts content.  Grab the mike tonight?

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