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    Posted on March 22, 2013 by Lola Kristiani in Health & Beauty.

    Do you wear glasses? (I’m guessing the answer is yes, since you’re reading this.) Have you ever had difficulty choosing makeup to complement your pretty peepers? Knowing how to apply makeup and the correct amount to wear will help guarantee that your eyes don’t take the backseat when it comes to wearing glasses.  Here are the basics step by step:

    1. Glasses tend to cast a dark shadow around your eyes so brighten them up with concealer. Apply concealer to any under-eye circles, as these will be more noticeable while wearing glasses. Use a little on your top lids too.

    2. Don’t go crazy with too much eyeshadow. Instead, go for a defined, strong line with just a little shadow, just be sure to blend and go light-handed on the application. It’s all about balance — this look will stand out against your glasses. But no matter what color shadow you decide to use, when it comes to your glasses it’s all about application. If you have bold, thick, or dark frames, go with less makeup and more neutral tones like creams, sands, and peaches. If your frames are light or rimless, you can go with a little more makeup and choose bolder/darker shadows like bronze.

    3. Gel liner is actually one of the best liners for eyeglass wearers. Eyeliner will magnify eyes behind glasses, especially for nearsighted glasses, because the lens for nearsightedness can make your eyes smaller. But do not try dramatic smoky eyes, that makes your eyes worse. Remember, less is more.

    4. Nothing is more annoying than having long eyelashes bat against the glass with every blink. To fix this problem, try curling them so that they’re up and away from your lenses. Not only will it keep your lashes up, but it’ll also open your eyes, giving you that wide-awake look. Avoid length-increasing mascaras. Volumizing or thickening formulas will most likely work best. Remember applying a thickening mascara at the roots of the lashes rather than the tips, coating the tips can make the lashes get heavy and lose their curl.

    5. Next, define your brows and keep them full and natural — brows are the perfect frame for your glasses! Make sure they’re well-shaped. If necessary, emphasize the color with a brow pencil so they don’t get lost behind your frames. Always brush your eyebrows into the desired shape using an upward sweeping motion.

    6. Don’t forget the blush. Add a bit of color to your face and get that warm summer glow with a little bit of pink along the apples of your cheeks.

    7. Want a pop of pink? Do it on your lips!  If you’re wearing a strong frame, consider wearing a stronger lip color for balance.

    There you have it ladies. Did I miss any? Do you have anymore makeup tips for eyeglass wearers? Share them!

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