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    Posted on May 13, 2013 by Lola Kristiani in Activities.


    Family portrait can be described much more than just a photo. It is a memory tradition for a family to keep for a very long time. Family portraits can be hard to plan and difficult to prepare for. A portrait of your family should be a beautiful furnishing with which to decorate a special place in your life. When properly displayed, it should be the focal point of the room.  

    Does the idea of coordinating your family portrait stress you out just thinking about it? Hey the sessions should be fun! A little preparation can help everyone feel relax when it’s time to flash those big smiles. 


    Here are some tips to make sure your family portrait session is enjoyable and produces wonderful photographs that you will treasure forever:

    1. Budget. Figure out what your price range is so you can stay within your budget. Your budget will most likely determine the kind of quality of your photo.
    2. Photographer. Obviously one of the most important decisions you will make is deciding upon a photographer. Look for someone with an artistic eye who is willing to listen to your ideas and knows how to elaborate upon them. It’s a LOT of work finding one photographer that matches your budget and has the kind of photos you are looking for, especially for kids. If you want a professional photo shoot, but it’s out of your budget, peek around the internet and start to make a phone call. Referrals from friends and family are fantastic! So you may find someone offering a great deal.
    3. Theme. Its alway a good a idea to have a vision in your mind on how you would like your family photos look. An idea, theme, or a feeling can be obtained if you communicate that with your photographer.
    4. The right time. Schedule the photo shoot when kids are at their happiest. Make sure you work it around your childs nap and feeding schedules. If you try to cram a session in before nap or meal time you are setting yourself up for a cranky little one. Well rested and well fed kids are happier and more cooperative.
    5. Choose a location.  Location can make a world of difference to a successful family photograph. If you want to get a fun, family portrait that doesn’t look staged, head outside. Let your family have fun together in a natural setting and take photos that celebrate who you really are. Whether it is a studio or outdoor, the most important is pick a location that your family will be comfortable at.
    6. What to wear? Family portraits are an occasion to look your best, NOT to put the whole family in the same color tops and bottoms, yeeewww!!!! Those days are in the past. Photos look better when everyone blends well, you can have your everyone looking natural and color coordinated. Don’t overdress your family and keep things happy and tender.
    7. Props & bribes. Adding props to your photos can make your photos totally unique. There are lots of things you can bring to a photo shoot to bring some personalization to your pictures. If you have a small child you might want to bring a favorite baby blanket or toy that they love. This will not only look cute in the pictures but can also be used to get their attention towards the camera as well, and your kids would love to play with their favourite toys at the session right?  Even simple things like picnic baskets, old empty vintage picture frames, balloons, flowers etc. can add a lot of personality to your photos. Bribes? It’s a fact that most kids transform from whines to big smile with candy or chocs….
    8. Organized. Get everything ready (snacks, cloths, props etc. All in one spot, ready to go) the night before your session, rushing the day of your photo shoot will put a huge stress on everyone.
    9. Enough sleep. No need to explain that sleepy eyes in family portrait is a big no, no!!!!
    10. Ready? 1..2..3.. A great idea is to show emotion and closeness in your family portraits. Photo sessions are meant to be enjoyable. After all, the more fun you have the better the pictures will be right? Natural smiles are a result of a good time. Enjoy the time spent capturing the memories and smiles of your family!


    While your life changes around you, it’s so nice to have a permanent reminder of your family at a specific time in your lives. The best time to take a family portrait is always now! As time goes on, the family will welcome new members and see other pass on. These photos will become a treasured reminder and document that can be looked back upon fondly to share memories. So don’t let yours slip away unnoticed.

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