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    Posted on August 4, 2012 by Lola Kristiani in Activities.

    I have SO many photos that I’ve been meaning to organize for YEARS!

    Our life is full of surprises and special many days and times, which has to be remembered. Its clearly a good thing for people to be able to take as many photographs as they like. Photograph is more than just a picture, it is a memory of a moment in time this captured forever to be brought out and enjoyed every moment and over again. Photo album filled with photographs and memorabilia of life and family of the past, as a legacy for all future generations to come. They remind us of happy or significant moments in our lives. It’s fun to look back at old photos and remember good times. The creation can have a two fold effect- filling, you with vivid memories (while creating it), and sharing ‘those memories’-with family members now and with those who may not as yet been born. It’s always nice to be able to turn the pages, and keep them on the coffee table or wherever, so other people can look at them too.

    Now that almost everyone either uses a digital camera or takes pictures on their cell phone, it’s a lot less common to get photos developed. Instead, we store them on our computers, or leave them in our phones. But if you don’t put your photos in an album, will you look back at them at all?

    Arranging pictures in a photo album can be a daunting task. If  you’ve ever decided to reorganize your photo collection, you know that tons of photos and lots of empty pages do not equal an easy job!

    You can store them very simply. Or you can be elaborate. Just don’t be stressed about it. Enjoy them, let them make you happy, and have fun with them. The key to making this task simple is to choose an organizational method for your photos that can be used consistently, let’s look at how to organize photos in a way that really works for you (and actually DO it!):


    First of all round up your photos in one place. You’ve probably got them stashed in drawers, some in albums, some in the basement…get them all in one place so you can see what you’ve got. In regards to photos that are stored in your computer you need to take your time to sit down at your computer and create a “best of” folder. Then once you’ve whiddled the photos down, put them in the order you’d like them to appear.  This way, when you send the files off to be printed, they will be returned to you in order… all set to go into the album.


    • that are blurry, have people with red eyes, or with half the person cut off
    • that remind you of unhappy times or unhappy relationships
    • that you can’t remember the people, the place, etc.
    • too many of a similar shot (keep the best, toss the rest)
    • where you don’t like how you look
    • that make you feel bad or upset or fat or whatever


    Toss as many as you can as you go, sorting by person, year, event, or location. For speedy sorting, sort into piles, large envelopes, a plastic bin or recipe box with tabs that you can label. You can just pick your best photos, instead of the 450 photos you took from your vacation, you can just pick 50 of them and arrange them artfully.


    One way to arrange your pictures is in chronological order. Start with your oldest photos. You may want to include the dates. Arranging by date, when done, provides a mini movie of events throughout the years.


    Organizing by theme enables you to choose which event or place you would like to remember. Some ideas for themes are:
    • Childhood
    • Christmas, Idul Fitri,  or any religious big day
    • Vacations
    • Family reunions
    • Graduation
    • School days, and so much more.
    Remember you can add words, descriptions, funny remarks or whatever you like in your album. Write captions or short stories to go along with the photos. Set them up in a way you enjoy looking at them, and everyone else is sure to enjoy them as well. Keep your memories alive!!

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