Is LED Lighting Good for Applying Makeup?

Stunning Makeup with Nature’s gift of Daylight

One may own all the branded products and the perfect beauty tools, but if the makeup room is very dark, then it does not give you the correct results. This light setup will ultimately damage your whole process. As the room is dark, you will think that more foundation is needed, and so you start applying it on the face. Then you will only realize this mistake only after leaving the room. You will notice more patches of foundation or more blush on your face. So here the mistake not lies in the beauty skills but in the quality of lighting. In order to avoid these kinds of flaws and to enhance your beauty skills and to showcase it in a right way, a proper light setting is very essential. A best lighted makeup mirror will guide you in makeup and give you better looks.

Undeniable Choice of Natural Light

Every beauty artisans will agree on the view of perfect using of the natural daylight during the application makeup. It will give you the most perfect and crystal clear reflection of the face. As, the natural light is diffused evenly, it is very easy to point out clearly if anything is not properly blended. Check if there is any option of doing makeup near the window area, if the chance is there, then you use the space and the lighting greatly for full advantage. Natural light can give you the perfect accuracy and also the precision which is more needed to give the base without any flaws.

Daylight Bulbs, a Secondary Choice

It is always a luxury to do the makeup in the natural daylight area. In case, if you can’t enjoy this luxury then you can make your choice with the daylight bulbs. You can invest in the daylight bulbs which are as same as the natural light. The best recommendation from our side will be GE Reveal LED which is a 40 Watts bulb.

It will help you in a great way by filtering out all the yellow lights and gives you the ultra clarity of colors. It is dimmable also and if you wish to make some adjustments then you can easily change the intensity as per your needs. This will help you to check the makeup under different types of light settings. It is very helpful to install daylights in your makeup area around the mirror. It will help you greatly in ensuring the proper makeup without the unblended foundation, heaviness of bronzer and so more.

Perfect Position Also Matters

It is not that buying an electric bulb and fixing it, it must be fixed properly in a perfect area in which the light can give you the clear reflection. The makeup artisans suggest that the lighting from the bulb must hit the face evenly without any fluctuations. It should be even from the sides and top to bottom. To give you better results, you can fix your source of light in the position in which it can shine from the front of your face. In case, if you do overhead lighting and the below casts lighting it will end up in giving the bad shadows during makeup. This is very bad and has to be completely avoided during the makeup as it will lead you to put more makeup.

If it is not possible to change the lighting of the room, then you can invest your amount properly in the makeup mirror which is available with the natural lights in white. You can go with the option like Gotofine LED lighted Vanity Mirror.

Completely avoid the florescent, rose-colored, yellow lights

It is more advisable to completely avoid the florescent, rose-colored, yellow lights. Fluorescent light has the tendency to wash out the skin and thus it will enhance the flaws. This will ultimately result in applying heavy makeup and so the total work will end up in a mess. The rose-colored lights and the yellow lights will be flattering. Usage of these lights will make you hard to realize the colors you are using in makeup or the blending of the products. Thus, for a clear reflection the above mentioned lights can be avoided during makeup.

Should not stand directly underneath the light

Lighting plays a crucial role during the makeup and also for your looks. One should not stand directly underneath the light. It is agreed by the beauty artisans that any lighting will be bad if it is overhead. The casting of the shadow will disgust you more during the makeup. To avoid these unflattering shadows, it is better to install the fixtures at your eye level or even just above your eye. This position will help in lighting your face evenly without any side blogs. It also eliminates the illusions of the shadows and darkness. Though, these are some little adjustments, it plays the crucial role in makeup.

The quality work of the beauty artisans of more than hours with ultimate perfection will completely destroy within few seconds just because of these lightings. So, the lighting must be arranged properly with the above mentioned points. The classic incandescent bulbs will help you more in giving you warm light to help you in figuring out you flaws correctly. When you are thinking to buy the fixtures for your lightings then you should select the one which provides light in wider angles. It should also surround you fully to the maximum extend.


It is also to notify that whether the light is emitting heat. There are incandescent lights which emit heat in more quantity. They will be disgusting during the makeup as they can make the people to sweat. It will ultimately destroy all the efforts of the beauty artisans due to the sweat. So, one must choose the lighted makeup mirror lights carefully as it can lead the melting of the beauty products. If it happens, then all the efforts will end up in a total mess. It is better to use the natural day light for makeup and if it cannot be used, then you can go for some other artificial lights. Select your lights correctly and make use of the different fixtures which can help you to adjust the positions properly.