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    Posted on January 13, 2015 by elaine in Activities.

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    2014 was a year full of challenges and surprises. There were really good memories and not so good ones. I learned a lot from both and relished every moment.

    This 2015, I wish you a year full of nice surprises. More than that, I wish you’d make this year extra special by listing down goals to accomplish. Surprise yourself and surprise other people with new things about yourself. ❤︎

    This year is about making myself richer.

    I’ve set THREE goals:

    1. Learn how to do makeup and be good at it.
    2. Learn how to paint.
    3. Practice a skill I’ve completely forgotten over the years - play the piano.

    I was tempted to add more but then it wouldn’t be realistic so I’m sticking to these three. Sharing with you these goals also means you’ll occasionally see posts about makeup, my artwork, and an audio recording. I hope you don’t mind. This blog is about wellness anyway and that includes constantly trying to develop our God-given talents, right?

    Don’t be afraid to try new things. Your soul will never grow old if you keep moving and learning and exploring the wonders of life. You’ll be surprised with how SPECIAL you are. You are LIMITED EDITION.

    What are your goals this year?

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