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    Posted on April 14, 2012 by Ace in Activities.

    Weekend is here, if you don’t have any plan to go out the best thing to do is to  clean your house. It’s sounds not interesting, but cleaning and housekeeping can actually affect how many calories we burn while doing it. In cleaning periods, often reaps some excellent therapeutic health benefits. Even if one has a regular day-to-day job and can only clean really effectively on weekends, the cleaning routine can be the best possible exercise for health, physical stamina and rejuvenation.

    Most people aren`t actually enjoying the process of cleaning. But you can “release the steam” by cleaning after a busy and stressful day. If one has had a hard week with peers, bosses or family, and there is a lot of frustration to vent, there is no better way to do so than to pick up mop, broom, brush or vacuum.

    Start with a single room of the house that one has long wanted to take on and cleanse thoroughly, and extend to the entire home.  One can clean the sink rigorously, with brush, bleach and window cleaner, until it shines radiantly.  One can exercise elbow grease on particularly hard patches of tile or the stains on walls or in toilets, and literally scrub and scrape away frustrated rage. End up you will have your house is efficiently cleaned as well.

    Vacuuming works the upper body and the legs. Increase the length of your stride as you sachet across the floor. Bend at the knees to pick up objects on the floor. Actively vacuuming for fifteen minutes can burn forty or more calories.

    Washing windows and tubs provides a power-packed workout. The circular motions work the chest area, shoulders, and the triceps. To keep from getting fatigued, use the circuit training method of cleaning. Wash the surfaces of the bathroom and then clean all the windows in a room. Clean the next bathroom and then clean another room of windows.

    If you need to mow the lawn, think of it as an exercise activity and make it fun. To work the lower body, take longer strides when pushing the lawn mower. Pushing the lawn mower works the chest and triceps muscles. Mowing a lawn can burn several hundred calories per hour. If you have any hills in your yard, the extra exertion means more calories burned.

    After a few weekends of this, you’ll be ready to buy that little black dress you’ve been wanting. Enjoy….

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