• Eyes That Can Talk

    Posted on July 23, 2012 by Lola Kristiani in Health & Beauty.

    Eyes are window to the soul.

    Many people said that eyes are the windows to the soul. After I think about it I guess it is true. Eyes will show what’s inside your heart, happy, sad, scared, worry, everything. You can always put a fake smile on your face, buy hey your eyes talking, you can’t really hide what you feel from your eyes.

    Looks cute on Panda, not you!!

    Since eyes are important I want them to look fresh and beautiful. I used to have a puffy eyes problem. People said it’s because I have to many late nights, stress, and drop dead tired, well… it is. I hate to look into the mirror and I see giant panda stare back at me. What I did is I put lot’s of concealer to cover it up, there’s no way I want people to see me like a walking zombie. Thick concealer does not solve my problem; because I know after I removed my make up I will see my dark puffy eyes again. So I started to try treatments for my eyes. First to compress my eyes with fresh cucumber, but I hate the smell of cucumber, then I tried with tea bags, oh…. it’s so not practical. So I decided to make a big effort and went to a spa to have an eye massage, which is really nice and comforting if you have the free time. Again as a working mom you don’t really have the luxury of “lot’s of free time”. Once a month is not a sin to have “me time” but it’s not going to solve my puffy panda eyes problem.

    My first Pevonia's line - for my eyes

    Until one day my friend introduced me to Pevonia skin care products. I looked at the website and it’s awesome. I found many skin care products that I can use, but lets talk about my main concern first, my eyes. So I clicked on eye products and there they are  ”calling” for my attention. Evolutive Eye Gel, Evolutive Eye Cream, and Collastine Eye Contour, are the first 3 products I tried. After 1 month I did see the difference before and after, it really works !!!!! After use I always put it inside the fridge, so when I apply it to my skin it feels really cool, fresh, and reduces my stress. I can say goodbye to thick concealer, and guess what, I’m confident enough to look at myself in the mirror, because I know I look fresh. No more hiding your puffy eyes behind your sunglasses and get ready for your fresh and beautiful eyes.

    Start talking with your eyes...

    Thank you Pevonia, have my eyes set on you!!!!

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