• Chamomile Tea Benefits

    Posted on February 5, 2014 by Lola Kristiani in Food & Beverages.

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    Chamomile Tea is a popular herbal tea widely thought to have a calming and relaxing effect. Let’s see why this tea is so popular.

    1. Stress relief.

    This is perhaps one of the most popular uses of chamomile. It works as an antidepressant and helps calm nerves and soothes anxiety. Chamomile functions as a mild relaxant and helps calm worry and alleviate stress. If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks then drink a few cups of chamomile tea throughout the day to help you feel calm and relaxed.

    2. Helps To Sleep Better.


    If you are running out of sleep or suffering from insomnia than chamomile tea is a great home remedy for you. Chamomile tea is most famous for helping one relax and aiding in sleep. Chamomile tea relaxes a person & soothes the nerves, therefore it should ideally be taken before going to bed and you will have restful sleep, as chamomile has mild sedative properties.

    3. Warm chamomile tea is also a cure for an irritated tummy.

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    Camomile tisane can help ease and manage a variety of digestive issues and tummy troubles. It contains strong anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can reduce the severity of stomach cramp, stomach ache, flu, stomach acidity, bolting  and gas.

    4. The relaxing effects of chamomile tea help ease the menstrual cramps experienced during premenstrual and menstrual cycles.

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    If you’ve been searching for a natural, safe way to ease the discomfort (or pain!) of menstrual cramps, try a cup of camomile tea. The muscle relaxant and pain relieving effects provide relief for PMS. Drinking chamomile tea also boosts the mood and helps soothe nerves, as well, you’ll be feeling better in no time!

    5. If you drink this tea regularly you should also see an improvement in your skin.

    The antibacterial properties help improve your skin’s appearance and also calm inflamed and sensitive areas. Chamomile contains anti-inflammatory properties, acne flareups will be reduced drastically, soothe insect bites, chicken pox, wounds, burns, bruises, sunburns, rashes, and itchy or inflamed skin. This is especially beneficial if you suffer from rosacea.


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