• Beat the Hair Loss

    Posted on April 26, 2012 by Lola Kristiani in Health & Beauty.

    Lifestyle changes have been shown to encourage hair to grow and reduce hair loss. Hair loss has multiple causes, including diet, mineral deficiency, medications, stress, pollution, and your genetics. Wearing helmets and caps can also increase hair loss. When hair starts falling out, it can seem like the end of the world. It’s not only damages your appearance, but self-esteem and other psychological issues are associated with it. Your hair enhances your overall personality and also reflects your health. Healthy hair and scalp needs proper care right from the beginning.

    Follow these tips to prevent hair loss problem:

    • Coconut oil has been in use as hair oil for ages and it has shown remarkable results. Certain components in it keep the hair strong, vitalized, nourished and protected from effects of ageing. Use natural oil one hour before you wash your hair. The hair will absorb and this will keep your hair moistened and soft.
    • Select a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. When you are buying a shampoo make sure that you choose the product that will nourish your scalp. You need to keep the scalp clean and healthy.
    • Massage your scalp as well, during cleansing. This is one of the best hair loss treatments, because it will helps improving blood flow. Remember to use always your fingertips, not nail! Use warm water for your head bath.  Hot water will damaged your hair.
    • Drinking around 6-8 glasses of water daily helps in washing away the toxins, which are sometimes the main cause for hair fall.
    • Eat food with rich proteins and vitamins. Internally is what needs repairing. Have a great food menu, which is rich in vitamins and proteins like fish, beans, low fat cheese and almonds. also consume food that contains iron, magnesium and zinc will strength your hair roots and scalp.
    • Don’t Brush Your Hair When It’s Wet. Wet hair is fragile. Brushing your hair while it’s still wet can cause excess breakage and damage to your hair.  To detangle your hair, use a comb with widely spaced teeth .  If your prefer to detangle in the shower, leave a little conditioner in your hair while you comb with a wide tooth comb.
    So Manage your healthy lifestyle, avoid junk food, keep away from stress.

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