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    Posted on May 7, 2012 by Lola Kristiani in Health & Beauty.

    Sometimes we feel envy to people that often traveling abroad for business trip and think that he’s such a lucky one, that he’s able to see the world and work in the same time. If you really think deeply about it, the trip it’s not a luxury at all. Let me open your mind about it, here we go. Can you imagine spending 3 days in Europe, 2 days in Asia, 3 days in Australia, and so on, but to attend a meetings, or to work on a project?  Stuck in the office almost all the time, or staying in a beautiful resort, sun shining outside, other people are dressed in casual and you’re wearing a suite? In the end of the day going outside it’s not really in your mind, with all the time difference from one country to others, feeling jet lag and the body feels exhausted, you’ll be craving for a good proper sleep.  Basically living in the plane, from one airport to other airport, ensure that nothing’s wrong with the schedules. Best friends that you can count on are electronic gadgets, so, it’s not fun right? It’s tiring!

    When you have invested so much time, energy and money into organizing your work agendas abroad, it would be wasted if a bout of illness affect your travel plans. Especially for business trip, the prime demand is you have to perform well physically, to be able to accomplish the tasks that are required by the company.

    When you are flying regularly, this is not really something that is going to be conducive for staying healthy. It is a challenge to stay healthy during any business travel. Many people end up gaining weight after their trips because of not eating healthy, sitting on airplanes or in meeting rooms for hours at a time as well as being stressed. Sometimes the rush of making flight connections results in stuffing yourself with airport fast food just to fill your stomach and when you finally get back to your hotel room, you are just too tired to do anything else. Sometimes much of the challenge during travel comes from the fact that you have to do what most other travelers will not be doing. If you choose to eat healthy and exercise on the road, you will be among a minority of travelers. However, since it is your own health that matters, do not worry about what others are doing (or not doing) during trips.

    Below are the tips for you to stay healthy and keep your good shape during your business trips:

    • LIMIT YOUR ALCOHOL  => Many networking and conference events can revolve around alcohol. It’s best to make healthy choices, if you choose to have a drink. Better choice go for wine, or even smarter no alcohol at all, it will keep your mind on wire. Discipline your self is the key.
    • SMART EATER => Buffets are the ultimate temptation to overeat. With so many choices in front of you, it is easy to go back for seconds or thirds. Only use one plate at a time and try to fill about two-thirds of it with healthy food. A bit of a sweet dessert it’s not a sin, but make it balance with fresh fruits.
    • STAY ACTIVE => Ever get stuck on a video or audio conference call for hours at a time? Take the conversation outside and take a stroll while you are listening in on the call. Even a 15-minute walk is beneficial. Videoconferences are now doable on mobile devices and can operate on 3G or 4G networks, so you don’t need to stay tied to your Wi-Fi hot spot.
    • MAKE A SWEAT => Find the time to workout and adjust it with all your appointments agenda. Almost every business-class hotel and conference center has a swimming pool. Swimming is a fantastic, full-body workout. Not swimming type just hit the gym and sweat. If you make the extra effort to add in tiny workouts here and there, it can add up to big results.
    • SMART SNACKING => When hunger can strike in between meal, it is best to be prepared with healthy snacks. Granola bars, a piece of fruit, peanuts or even a bottle of water can help curb your appetite until your next meal. If you don’t have room for snacks in your bag, a sugar-free piece of gum can help give you the boost of energy.
    • LIMIT YOUR SWEET => Tempted with morning pastries or an unhealthy afternoon snack? Just say no. Your willpower is stronger than you may think. It may seem simple, but the right attitude can take you far.
    • BE CREATIVE => Take the stairs instead of the elevator in your hotel. Park your rental car in the back of the parking lot and speed-walk to the front door.
    • STAY HAPPY => Have a glimpse of entertainment after work it’s like a reward for your self, just remember your body also deserve to relax. As long as you don’t over do it and still have enough rest and sleep you’ll be fine. Being happy is good for your health, remember that.

    It is possible to stay healthy during your travels. Although you may have to take some extra efforts to get the proper nutrition and exercise during your time away from home, you will be rewarded at the end of your trip. You will be able to pat yourself on the back since you maintained your fitness level and did not gain extra weight. Have a nice trip, success for you, and stay healthy.

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