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    Posted on May 20, 2012 by Lola Kristiani in Activities.

    Going back to work after a vacation is not easy or nice - but how do you minimise that feeling of dread the night before, and the feeling of panic the next morning when you reach your desk? here are few things that you can do :

    Lock Yourself in the Office:

    Book yourself as ‘busy’ for the first morning back. Even better, if you can lock yourself away in your office with the door close for this time, you’ll get the chance to get to where you need to be without being interrupted every five minutes by people asking how the break was or asking for your time.

    Get in Early:

    If you want catch up with your colleagues to know what happen when you’re on leave vacation, better if you can come to office an hour before  your colleagues then you have a good run at the catch-up game before the distractions start. You will have enough time at least to browse the email to know which one is need your attention to follow up.

    Be Proactive in Catching-up:

    While you may be consciously putting your head in the sand, sub-consciously you’ll be worrying something big has happened, or that there is some work people are expecting you to do that hasn’t got to you yet even and the clock is ticking. Book a 30 minute catch-up face-to-face with each project supervisor the day you get back – not only is this quicker and more effective than trying to piece together what is going on through a number of e-mails, but it shows enthusiasm and professionalism to the supervisor.

    Good luck and welcome back to reality, LOL!!!!

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